Conference on Innovations in Fashion / 20 June 2018

Pushing the boundaries by merging the most exciting industries  with speakers from innovation leaders

More Dash Showroom will start PS19 season with innovations and exciting news. More Dash will open the doors in the new beautiful location where will hold a conference on Innovations in Fashion on the 20th of June from 15:00 till 20:00.

Nowadays the link between fashion and innovation is very strong. The fashion industry has not been left untouched by the tectonic changes brought about by stupendous tech innovation this decade. The conference is aimed to help fashion start-ups and designers pave their way in the rapidly changing industry. The fashion industry is rapidly changing, that is why young emerging designers can’t sustain the fast-paced development of the industry and they need more insights and inspiration which they can get on the conference.

More Dash agency has a big experience to share:

  5 years of experience at our Fashion Institute in Kiev;

– 10 international fashion tech conferences in Kiev;

– 12 seasons of the Showroom in Paris;

More Dash will welcome International Experts and Retailers at its new marvellous space. Speakers will share their experience, vision and development priorities in order to help designers, brands and start-ups to find their right place in Global Fashion Economy.

As Fashion and Technology are now tightly binded together, such topics as synergy of technology and fashion, e-commerce at Fashion segment, software development for fashion, retail, digital and public relations will be covered on the summit.

“Over the past four years, the fashion industry has been totally changed. Of course, the old wholesale and retail schemes continue to work, but mostly for large players. For new players, there are other rules that shape the new image of the industry. That’s why we are holding Fashion Tech Summit to push the boundaries of the perception of the fashion industry and to present other opportunities and innovative business models using as the example foreign companies and the best cases. ” – Natalia Modenova

“Having spent the last year in Silicon Valley, I understood that the future of the fashion industry is exceptionally in its technological progress and the ability to take advantage of all new technologies that appear with incredible speed. Our goal with Fashion Tech Summit is to give broad knowledge to our customers from industry experts and share their valuable experience. I’m really looking forward to this event, because for me Fashion Tech Summit is the quintessence of the knowledge that I have received over the last year and I can not wait to share it. ” – Daria Shapovalova

The main goals of Fashion Tech Summit are:

– to strengthen interaction between Fashion and Tech;

– to value contemporary designers and provide them with sufficient knowledge;

– to make a new business community of owners and founders of successful IT-startups and fashion;

– companies, who can share their experience with other members of the industry;

Schedule of the conference is now available: click here


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