In collaboration with Soleil Tokyo exhibition More Dash will present 8 brands in Tokyo from 27 to 29 of March to the buyers and press: Belle Anna (UA), Liisa Riski (FI),  Little Juggernauts (UA), Mari Brenar (RU), Nika Tang (US), Roly Poly (UA), Sushchenko (IS), Vipers Sisters (RU)

More Dash Trade Missions is an initiative, launched by Parisian showroom in 2018 with aim to help to the brands to expand at the international market by focusing on the certain fashion capitals. After collaborations with Pitti Super in Milan and Tranoi in Paris, focus is moving to Asia. The first point in the region is Japan.

From 27 of 29 of March 8 brands will be presented with FW1819 collections at Soleil Tokyo – a new joint fashion exhibition, held by JTB Communication Design. Founded in October 2015, it was focused mainly Japanese woman’s and man’s brands. Since that launch trade show has grown from 30 exhibitors to 200 and representing international brands and designers to the Japanese market. Upcoming 6th season is marking a complete shift from the traditional trade show formula – Soleil Tokyo switching from welcoming the visitors by booths and on-site present exhibitors, but rather enable them to discover and experience the displayed brands and creations at their own pace thanks to an inspired hanger racks-oriented space.

“We are excited to begin cooperation with Soleil Tokyo, as this is an important step in the development of More Dash Trade Missions, helping to the designers to build their distribution worldwide by stepping into the certain marked with more precise focus. So we are helping to choose  trade show (or exhibition, or showroom), the most appropriate for the brand. Of course, we have and rely on our expertise and engaging local professionals, who are sharing our passion of discovering talents and helping them to develop their own brands. So first step is announcing the information about upcoming project in certain city, then accepting applications, the 3rd step is pre-selection, which we alway do and next – the selection together with the partners in the certain cities. The team of Soleil Tokyo is very helpful and engaged – they even helped to select certain items from the collections of the brands – we really appreciate that and have high expectations from this collaboration, because we always glad to welcome buyers from Japan in More Dash in Paris and this is always great partners, with great style. At the same time, they are very demanding, which is great – having and order from Japanese store is a great school for every young designer. We thank Tokyo Soleil for this opportunity and providing special conditions to the designers selected”, – commented the collaboration Natalia Modenova and Daria Shapovalova, co-founders of More Dash.

“The main aim of the Soleil Tokyois to distance itself from the fast fashion, because we want to concentrate on the original roots of fashion, which are: creativity, design and quality. That’s why we invited More Dash to curate the selection of the designers, as followed approach to work and development and we see that we absolutely share the same values and believe that this is key for success for every designer, especially now, when competition in fashion is very strong. We proud to present the brands to the top buyers, press and influential guests, whom we invite to see new talents from all over the world. Buyers from Beams, Urban Research, Tomorrowland, Estnation, Barneys, Isetan, Keio and many others are common guests at the Soleil Tokyo”, – commented the project and upcoming season by President & CEO of Soleil Tokyo Akihiro Hosono.

Brands at More Dash Trade Mission at Soleil Tokyo

Belle Anna

Belle Anna is the young Ukrainian designer, who creates trendy and quality T-shirts and Sweatshirts with interesting captions and exclusive prints. The main concept of the brand is to give her customer quality fashion products for affordable prices.


Liisa Riski

Riski is a Finnish design house inspired by people with brave hearts and vivid imagination. Known for their clean styling with the hint of humor and vivacious outlook of life. The collection pieces are designed for any situation of the day and can easily be dressed up or down to suit your day. Behind each collection, there is an enchanting story that is realized through the choice of fabrics and specially created prints and knits.

Little Juggernauts

The idea behind Ukrainian streetwear brand is that “Fashion is wearing a white t-shirt instead of a little black dress”. So funky and edgy styles joking about fashion, but still is inspired by the fashion industry, producing mainly t-shirts, sweatshirts and longsleevs, hoodies and cap with cools prints and proposing to style them with silk slip dresses. It is perfect for the generation Z customer. Worn by Eva Chen, Alina Baikova.

Mari Brenar

Mari Brenar brand was established in 2013 by a young fashion designer Mari during her last year of a design studying at the University of the Arts London. A merge of a Russian background with European experience of work and study resulted in an exquisite style of the brand, featuring elegant feminine lines with creative cut using a fine balance of complex fabrics.

Nika Tang

NIKA TANG is a designer brand launched in San Francisco in the end of 2014. The signature characteristic of the brand is special attention to quality, detail, and craftsmanship in the apparel and accessories collections. Nike Tang creates a beautiful selection for the refined customer for day to day and resort wear, creating statement collectibles to feature as key pieces in their wardrobe.


Roly Poly

Roly Poly is a young Ukrainian brand with more than 60% of handmade products. The collection of the brand is partly produced in Europe, namely in Italy and France, as well as in Ukraine. Aesthetics of the brand is defined as glamorous and smart-fashion. The brand has started to develop more affordable line as well. In any price point, the client of Roly Poly is a stylish woman of any makeup and age. Key piece: baska with handmade decoration.


SUSHCHENKO is an independent clothing label based out of Barcelona, Spain. Combining the science of technology with the art of fashion, SUSHCHENKO creates evocative, vivid and extravagant clothing for women. SUSHCHENKO is particularly influenced by the demoscene subculture and its themes of freedom and self-expression. The label was founded in 2015 by Natalia SUSHCHENKO, native Russian and a graduate of the University of Westminster, IED Barcelona.  

Vipers Sisters

Vipers was founded by sisters Katya and Vera Viper in July 2012. Vera is responsible for the design and Katya works on the accessories line, clothes decor and PR. In addition to basic education, the sisters have had internships at MAMK, in Savonlinna and Istituto Marangoni. The designers like to work with different styles, shapes, cuts and materials. At this time Vipers has two lines, kids and male capsule collections and an accessories line.