During Paris Fashion Week, one of the leading Ukrainian designers Ksenia Schneider presented a capsule collection created in collaboration with the online concept-store launched by Natuki Karkashadze – N-Duo. Presentation of the collection held in the showroom More Dash in Paris became one of the most important events of Paris Fashion Week.

Each model of clothes executed in red, white and black colors and decorated with embroidered cross roses. The working title of the collection was “Red Ruta`89” – in honor of the first rock festival in Ukraine. Capsule collection included iconic dresses Ksenia Schnaider, inspired by the garments of hermits and monks, light jackets parks that became must-have because of the combination of practicality and comfort of a beautiful, intricate embroidery on the back and chest. Sweatshirts with sleeves embroidered roses and motto #fashionforpeace also are able to complement any wardrobe. Shalt from the collection can be purchased online at n-duo-concept.com.


The idea of movement #FASHIONFORPEACE, that was invented by Daria Shapovalova,  inspired us to create this little collection that talks about Ukraine – traditions and culture, in a positive and amicable manner.  I am very pleased that we were able to talk fashion insiders Paris Fashion Week on Ukraine in a friendly atmosphere. All congratulated me “- commented the presentation Ksenia Schnaider.

Photo report