Pushing the Boundaries

More Dash is happy to welcome its guests to the new location for the B2B sales season of SS19 collections.  More Dash will be opened from 27th of September till 2nd of October. For SS19 season, More Dash will showcase 15 designers from Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, UK, Italy, USA, UAE and Thailand. 

More Dash moved to the new location 13 rue du Mail, 75002, Paris
We’ll be happy to welcome you:

27th September — 2nd October 2018

9 am — 7 pm

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This season More Dash is representing cool and fresh brands from Ukraine, Georgia, Thailand, Italy, UK

Anouki, Dalood, LIYA, Materiel, Marianna Senchina, Chakshyn, Daniele Carlotta, W11, Rotsaniyom

Anouki (GE)

ANOUKI –  ANOUKI is a Georgian, Tbilisi-based brand, established in July 2013, with head designer Anouki Areshidze. Brand’s main idea is to be “very own” for each customer, not to be cliché and understand what’s necessary for ladies in a specific moment. This year ANOUKI is celebrating 5 years and 3 years of international representation. Being a style icon not only in Georgia, but also far abroad, ANOUKI’s style attracts influencers and stylish customers all over the world. Sparkling touch is always a key in ANOUKI collections. Denim line, very special shoes and socks, earrings – are the treasures of ANOUKI. ANOUKI collections are on Vogue Runway.

Aznauri (GE)

Aznauri – Exciting emerging brand AZNAURI presents its fourth collection for SS19, made with
a sense of chic and excellent craftsmanship. The brand is targeted on strong personalities with sense of inner independence and this season will present collections of both menswear and womenswear.
The brand has appointed a new creative director Iraklio De Vega to join AZNAURI in 2018 to refresh the direction of the brand – moving from heavy 90’s into the future. With a strong background in cinema and arts, Iraklio has 13 years’ experience in costume and art departments and one of his projects was the movie “Tangerines” which was nominated for Oscar Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.
“Movies and fashion will always be going together, both giving freedom to fantasy on how we perceive the universe and imagine the future looks. I have designed the collection for those who are bold enough to allow themselves to look different from the rest. I see them all as movie characters, who gather at night to be expressive, free and upfront” – said Iraklio De Vega.The brand was founded in Tbilisi Georgia and the SS19 collection returns to its roots and found inspiration in the vibe of night life in Tbilisi. The collection of luxury pieces is created in natural leather, cotton and silk with pleated textures.

Dalood (GE)

Dalood –  starting off as a cult boutique in Moscow, as well as discovering and commercializing Georgian new comer designers, to this day, Dalood has developed into a covetable ready-to-wear brand on its own. With a long history of mastering the arts of tailoring and design, Dalood has gained a foothold in the post-soviet fashion market for its excessively experienced team of professionals and their impeccable needlework. The founder and creative director Maka Kvitsiani believes that ‘the simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’, therefore sets simple and yet most complex goals for each season — creating looks she and her friends would proudly wear – all of which are manifested into chic, exceptional and modish collections. Denim line and Embroidery are two key directions, developed by Dalood. Dalood collections are on Vogue Runway.

Ingorokva (GE)

Georgian luxury womenswear label INGOROKVA, established by ESMOD Paris International Fashion University alumnus Tamuna Ingorokva, enjoys national and international recognition with widespread client base.  The unique style expressed in her signature collections has significant impact on the fashion industry not only in her county but beyond.  By representing personalities, moods, the times we live in, ambitions and desires, Tamuna Ingorokva continues to fuse sensibilities of modern day and represents new ways of timeless look inspired by modern culture and art.

Janashia (GE)

Janashia  successfully operating brand on the local market and is ready go worldwide. Janashia is not only depicts fashion, the brand defines and gives it cultural resonance and meaning. Janashia epitomises the values of freedom and the values of beauty, and then combines them and creates unforgettable style. The designs are full of soft, natural colors. Shades and tones melt into subtle hazes. Shapes and patterns are always trendy, elegant and new. The end result is a breathtaking style. Janashia collections are on Vogue Runway. Janashia collections are on Vogue Runway.


LIYA – a young emerging brand from Georgia. The brand often uses asymmetric shapes in combination with femininely appealing silhouettes. This helps to show women from different perspectives, as the strong self-assured women and as tender and elegant girl. There is a strong accessories line is developed by LIYA apart from the ready-to-wear.

Materiel (GE)

MATÉRIEL – «Fashion House Materia» company was established in 1949 and till this day remains as one of the oldest apparel manufacturers and fashion retailers in Georgia. «Fashion House Materia» gave birth to a premium line MATÉRIEL, which is unique in its approach to the fashion business; it is comprised of young Georgian designers who create their own seasonal and mini collections for the brand. Several designers that were cultivated by MATÉRIEL ended up opening their own fashion houses. Currently MATÉRIEL embraces three Georgian designers Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili and Lado Bokuchava, who create main and pre-collections for the brand. Apart from this MATÉRIEL collaborates with other Georgian brands/designers between seasons. MATÉRIEL collections are on Vogue Runway.

Marianna Senchina (UA)

Marianna Senchina –  Marianna Senchina brand is aiming for young fashionable individuals with experimental styles. The garments are mixed between feminine and unisex silhouettes. The clothes also contain experimental details, high quality handcrafting and ironically fun ideas. Marianna Senchina is a winner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Prize in SS17 season. Bright and playful yet feminine and sexy outfits are key for Marianna Senchina. So pop stars and style icons like Rihanna and Dua Lipa are among the fans and supporters of the brand. Marianna Senchina collections are on Vogue Runway.


Chakshyn –  by Dima Chayun and Anton Yakshyn is a young, emerging label, based in Ukraine. Over the past few seasons, the duo has focused on safe, classic categories, like cocktailwear with simple cuts. The new collection is inspired by Japan and cyberpunks is a breakout moment. The designers were more experimental, working with knitwear made from varying weaves, as well as denim, producing flares and midi skirts with zipper pleats. Chakshyn Blazer is a must have piece from the brand. Chakshyn is winner of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Prize in 2018 and invited by Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana to showcase at Fashion Hub Market in Milan 19-23 of September. Chakshyn collections are on Vogue Runway.

Glu 103 (RU)

Glu103 – young Russian edgy outwear brand with four seasonal collections a year, focused on faux fur funky outwear.

Nika Tang  (USA)

NIKA TANG is a designer brand launched in San Francisco (California). Their signature characteristic is a special attention to quality, details, and craftsmanship in apparel and accessories collections. Nika Tang creates a beautiful selection for the refined customer for day to day and resort wear, creating statement collectibles to feature as key pieces in their wardrobe. Nika Tang approaches her design from a story or mood narrative and with an architectural interpretation focused on volume, shape, fine finishing and applying an architectural methodology to each series. Brand works with embroideries, laces, prints, and techniques that change the volume of the garment creating interesting and unique silhouettes and textures. The key – is the shape.

Bambah (UAE) 

Bambah has captured the hearts of its customers from its very first collection. The brand exudes femininity, elegance, and bold signature shapes whilst reflecting a modern and refined mark that resonates with today’s woman. Modern evening wear is a key direction of the brand. The brand is currently represented at the US, Middle East, China and markets and is going to spread further.

Daniele Carlotta (IT)

Daniele Carlotta –  born in Sicily in 1985 to a fine fabrics merchant known as “Signora Della Seta”, Daniele Carlotta started to develop his stylistic path between the walls of his family house, surrounded by fabrics, yarns and fine materials. Fascinated by the mastery of couture, he launched his own atelier in Milan in 2005, creating a vision that combines the finest quality fabrics, perfect silhouettes and unique jewel details. His sartorial collections balance Italian style and craftsmanship with a strong sensitivity for the art world. Beyonce, Kendall Jenner, Karisma Kapoor, Madison Pettis and number of other celebrities choose Daniele Carlotta for red carpet, music videos and events.

W11 Studio (UK)

W11Studio – based in the heart of London’s West End district, W11Studio is a contemporary womenswear rtw and jewellery brand.
The W11 woman is independent, cool, metropolitan and slightly androgynous, a woman who likes to feel comfortable — therefor confident — in what she wears. She doesn’t need a closet full of fancy clothes to dress up: she knows her favourites, her basics, her character and she styles her outfits depending on the occasion, demanding for versatility.
W11Studio is simple yet modern cuts, thoughtful details and a morbid colour pallet, which shall communicate positive feelings to its wearer. W11Studio provides a new set of staples to its woman. The same cosmopolitan creature who’s wardrobe is a reflection of her confidence, now experiences comfort at a whole new level, without compromising her elegant, modern attitude toward dressing. The soft contrast between femininity and masculinity is at the core of the brand.

Rotsaniyom (TH)

Rotsaniyom –  rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL has 2 main drivers, Pongsak Kobrattanasuk, the designer who has product and exhibition design background. Another key person is Thita Kamonetsawat who is responsible for the business part and also being the brand`s muse. rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL`s first collection launched in SS 2013. The brand`s motto is «an individual imperfect beauty ideal». All of the collections deliver different perception of lace and prints. With a good blend of differences, it created rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL`s  strong uniqueness. It`s not about design but something in-between. Hanging somewhere full of feelings. rotsaniyom WHITE LABEL products are more like the feeling you can wear, a mood-and-tone creators with a feeling of feminine beauty.